Live A Well Life

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

I am Rose, the founder of ‘Live A Well Life’ a weight inclusive, evidence based nutrition and lifestyle practice.

As a qualified practitioner and coach, my approach is a gentle one. No expensive, unrealistic or restrictive diets, no calorie counting but one based upon the four pillars of health; Nutrition, Sleep, Movement and Relaxation.

I specialise in helping individuals break free from yo yo dieting.

Helping you foster a healthy relationship with food and your body. Freeing you from the anxiety of dieting and restrictive eating. Helping you quiet the nutrition noise that bombards us and make peace with food.

I am passionate about helping individuals and families learn to nourish their bodies and achieve their highest potential for health.

I will support and empower you with the tools you need to make realistic lifelong changes for yourself and those you love. I will be your ally and coach. Helping you rediscover what matters, to love the body you are in. To feel stronger, healthier and happier.

I work with you and/or your family to create a vision of the new life you want to lead. Using my nutrition and coaching skills to design a bespoke individualised programme to live a well life.

Dip.NLC (VRQ) and AfN endorsed CPD in Children’s Nutrition & Intuitive Eating. Member of UK Health Coaches, MFntp

Working with Rose has transformed my life! My head was stuffed full of ‘should’s’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ related to what I was eating. This had gotten out of control, to the point where I was making myself unwell. I was at the point where I couldn’t remember the last time I ate food I truly enjoyed. Rose busted all of those food and diet myths that are blasted at us every day on the internet and showed me how to eat a healthy, balanced diet which honours my health AND my taste buds!!! It has been a revelation and for the first time in years, I have the energy to ‘live a well life’ that I can look forward to. I no longer stress about food, I enjoy my meals and have learned how to keep my blood sugar on an even keel so that I don’t have those damaging spikes and crashes which resulted in really bad eating habits. I can see my body transforming gently and I know that in good time my body will return to its natural weight and shape. Highly, highly recommended.

Personalised Coaching Packages

As a mum of three I know what a worry it can be when your little one is a fussy eater.

This unique 90 minute 1:1 coaching workshop (either online or in-home if you live in BANES and would prefer) supports you to move mealtimes from a place of pleading, bribery and anxiety to a relaxed and cheerful experience, in which your child feels happy to explore and broaden the variety of foods they eat.


We work together to identify your vision for a well life and what that means to you.

This eight week, highly individualised programme, provides you with the tools and skills you need to understand your relationship with food and free you from the anxiety of dieting.

You will work with me 1:1 to implement lifelong, realistic and sustainable strategies. To become healthier and learn to respect and nourish your body.

Together we put together a nutrition, lifestyle and if applicable supplement plan that inspires, motivates and that is, perhaps most importantly, achievable.


If you wish to explore the concept of gentle nutrition in your own time this might be the package for you.

The programme includes:

x1 60 minute consultation (f2f or via Skype/FaceTime)

In-depth individual nutrition and lifestyle assessment and analysis, including nutritional imbalances

Personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations

You will also receive a 4 week self-guided course.


Gentle Nutrition Coaching

Live A Well Life

There is no one size fits all.

No unachievable goals or expectations.

I use my nutritional expertise and coaching skills to empower, inspire and support you. To help you find the motivation you need to initiate, sustain and maintain life-long changes for you and/or your family and begin living a happier, healthier life that doesn’t revolve around restrictive diets.

I will help you learn how to nourish your body with foods you enjoy, that satisfy you, make you feel good and bring you and your loved ones pleasure as well as health benefits.

Whether you hope to make changes for you as an individual, your family or future family. I can support you with one of my realistic and individualised programmes.

There is no judgement, no failing, no guilt, no getting it wrong…


…there is a safe space for you to explore your relationship with food. There is room for the things you enjoy in life, whether it be dancing or cake. There is a happier and healthier you. There is a more confident and inspired you. A you living a well life.

Live A Well Life

Helping you…

Increase your energy levels

Reach and maintain a natural weight that fits you

Reconnect with your internal hunger and fullness cues

Support you to overcome emotional eating

Increase your confidence and teach you the power of self care

Find movement and exercise that feels good, not a chore

Deal with stress better and improve your sleep

This course is full of information, reflective exercises, tips and tools to help you understand your relationship with food. It will help you begin to approach your health from a place of self compassion after years of yo-yo dieting and/or restrictive eating.

It will guide you towards taking the first steps required in order to relearn how to trust your body and its biological cues.

Recognise emotional eating when it occurs and strategies to overcome this.

Discover what it means to respect your body and how you can honour your health with nutritionally dense foods and movement you enjoy.

The course includes lifetime access to the material and membership to my closed Facebook community 'Nourish Me Gently' where you will have access to support, tools, tips and talks.

PDF workbook material which includes reflective exercises and two guided meditations.


A Well You Awaits.