Rose, you changed my attitude to food. Of all the fad diets and health coaches, I’ve listened to/read over the years – it has been your words that have stuck in my head - no need to cut out carbs, enjoy food, no such thing as ‘bad’ food, etc. I’ve been making a more conscious effort to think about why I’m eating and to separate food from my emotions. I also became more determined to nourish my body and treat it to nutritious food and exercise.

You don’t patronize people, you genuinely care and are knowledgable beyond any of those celeb nutrition ‘experts.’ So many times I was hungry and instead of rejoicing in hunger and reveling in how well my ‘diet’ was going, I went and had some toast and a piece of fruit. I’ve still lost weight (at a sustainable rate) but I’m not ignoring my hunger cues and I’m not starving!!! I feel more energized and happy than I’ve done in ages. I have you to thank for all of it. You are one in a million.
— Jemma.,Northern Ireland
Working with Rose has transformed my life! My head was stuffed full of ‘should’s’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ related to what I was eating. This had gotten out of control, to the point where I was making myself unwell. I was at the point where I couldn’t remember the last time I ate food I truly enjoyed. Rose busted all of those food and diet myths that are blasted at us every day on the internet and showed me how to eat a healthy, balanced diet which honours my health AND my taste buds!!! It has been a revelation and for the first time in years, I have the energy to ‘live a well life’ that I can look forward to. I no longer stress about food, I enjoy my meals and have learned how to keep my blood sugar on an even keel so that I don’t have those damaging spikes and crashes which resulted in really bad eating habits. I can see my body transforming gently and I know that in good time my body will return to it’s natural weight and shape. Highly, highly recommended.
— J. R., Northumberland
Rose was professional, kind and so knowledgeable. She took rambles about my family’s complex diet from me, deftly translating them into the exact problems I was facing, giving me tools, resources and generous knowledge to help me. Since working with Rose, I’ve transformed my little one’s vegan diet and feel far more confident about feeding my family.
— Lucy Lucraft, Brighton
I would just like to thank you for working with me. You made such a great difference to how I approach and manage different aspects of my lifestyle. Also how comfortable you made me feel. Normally I cannot talk at all openly but with you I could. So thank you again, for everything you did.
— Fiona. H. Ringwood, Hants

Rose has helped me so much. Her non-judgemental advice and kind manner always made it easy for me to be honest with her and open up about my situation. Rose made me feel motivated and empowered even when I was feeling vulnerable and low. Giving me the confidence boost I needed. ‘One small step at a time’ as Rose says! So I never felt overwhelmed. Thank you Rose, I couldn’t have have done this without you
— Mrs. S. C., Ringwood, Hants

“I am very impressed with the wealth of information, advice and help received from Rose in respect of my diet, after supplying her with a five day food diary. A very professional approach, thanks Rose”
— Mr. C. W. Mayenne, France
Rose is incredibly efficient, professional and warm. Her approach is thoughtful and thorough and she consistently over delivers. Will definitely be working with Rose again!”
— L.L, Hove