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Thank you for investing in your Nutrition Boost diet analysis.

Please confirm your preferred email address for receiving correspondence in the form below.

You will receive an email from me, initially asking you to provide some medical history (please be assured your data is kept in the upmost confidentiality and in line with Live A Well Life’s privacy policy). This information is used to ensure your analysis is as accurate as possible.

You will also receive a second email with a link to download the Libro App. Libro allows you to accurately record your 7 day food diary on the go. Your inputs are sent directly to me, for analysis via Nutritics.

You will receive a full set of findings and individualised recommendations in PDF format, within 7 days of submitting your food diary.

Please note I am not here to judge. The more honest you are, the more accurate my analysis and recommendations will be.

These recommendations will help you understand how to optimise your nutrition to feel happier and healthier.

Rose x


A Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach cannot treat any specific disease or named condition but can work with you to support your organs and body systems in order to prevent disease and maintain/improve your health.

If you are on prescribed medication by your GP or specialist, supplement recommendations cannot be made. Instead interventions will concentrate on diet changes.


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