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No more 'too'.
The Comparison Trap

Cursing the 20 mins of my life I would never get back, I admitted defeat, unplugged the curlers and went to remind my children for the 74th billionth time to brush their teeth. I had blindly led myself into the comparison trap.

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It's the most 'socially anxious' time of year...Ding Dong...

It means you are still stifling polite when ruddy-cheeked Martin from accounts makes his way over to you, brandishing a forlorn looking sprig of mistletoe. 'Um no thank you, Martin...'.  However were you more emotionally lubricated, you could probably find two far more effective words to use on Martin.  

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Mum Guilt. Why We Should Practice What We Preach.

We know the feeling well, so accustomed are we to it. It leaves un-drunk cups of tea, unshaved legs and unread books in its wake. The feeling that we must be all things to all people...but ourselves it seems.

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Victory Rolls & Brighton Buns

'So?' I asked the children, what did you think? 'I liked it.' said my eldest...'It takes longer but it isn't as boring as the supermarket.' 'Can I have some Brighton bun? ' asked my youngest.

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