Echo Chambers

Down the rabbit hole of instagram I fell. Losing a precious hour of my day, scrolling through an insta spat between two registered nutritionists, each vehemently arguing their case for and against a particular food group. Each wheeling out evidence to support their arguments.
However,IMG_0841 it wasn’t the spat I was intrigued and bemused by. Rather the fierceness with which followers, from opposing sides, came to the defence of their preferred influencer. Each time citing further bias evidence and tagging other qualified individuals that they were sure would back their argument. Fuelling the voices and volume within their own echo chamber.
It made me wonder. How often do we take time to step outside these echo chambers? Within social media or our social groups? Take time to reflect as to whether the values and beliefs we are extolling so fiercely are truly our own or have they evolved within us, through a process of osmosis or even erosion perhaps? At which point in time did we choose the echo chamber within which we dwell? Did we choose at all?
I have decided to make a conscious effort to extend the process of reflection outside of my work. To ensure that the values that shape what I do and the decisions I make have been shaped from within and sit well with my inner self.
As we would stop along a wooded path to find our bearings, reorientate and ensure we were headed in our preferred direction. We should do the same in life, take time to evaluate where we are and whether we are listening to our own emotional and moral compass or being swept along by someone else’s sat nav.
I am going to try and maintain a level of self awareness that taps me on the shoulder when I find myself stood within an echo chamber. That leads me outside, into the quiet, so that I can hear my own thoughts. Otherwise they may well be silenced by voices that succeed in shouting louder.