Body Respect

{ Are you? }⁣

⁣Are you building your body confidence around who you are now or who you think you should be? ⁣

⁣Are you dressing for the body you are in, at this moment in time? Are you making choices that make you feel good? That swipe of lipstick in your favourite colour? The pair of ‘hell yeah’ shoes? ⁣

⁣One of the steps towards honouring our health is learning the art of body respect. Caring for the body you are in now. Respecting it. Wearing clothes that are comfortable and you feel good in. Perhaps consider donating or selling the clothes that do anything less. The ‘I don’t like this body’ clothes. The ones that make you feel uncomfortable, crappy/low, that don’t fit or that you use as a stick to beat yourself with. Remember clothing sizing is as about as uniform as crazy paving! ⁣

⁣Yes we are all more than what we look like, but when we wear something that makes us feel good, in the body we have now, we are more likely to have kind conversations with ourselves. ⁣

⁣Here are some of my ‘hell yeah’ wardrobe go tos. Shoes in a colour, a swipe of red lipstick, a dash of @thebodyshop ‘Smokey Rose’ on my clothes and some statement earrings. ⁣

⁣I even wear these on the school run. 🙌🏻

Rose White