Food and Guilt Have No Place Together

As Christmas approaches we can find ourselves grappling with our thoughts around food. Saying no to the foods we want to eat because we fear we will ‘lose control’. Saying no to the extra mince pie because we haven’t ‘earned it’ or saying yes, whilst promising ourselves that we will ‘burn it off’.

These inner voices are often the product of diet culture, which quite frankly , screws up our relationships with food. A relationship that should be a happy, nourishing, loving and satisying one. Sounds like marriage right? Right.

Intuitive eatig teaches that food is not a reward. It doesn’t need to be justified or deserved. It is life (fact), it is family rituals and traditions that bind us.

You don’t need to save up your calories for Christmas. Your body will much prefer it if you fuel it adequately each and every day and feed it as and when it lets you know it is hungry. I promise.

You can eat until you feel you want to pop. This doesn’t mean you have failed, it means someone cooks an epic roast potato.

So here is my gift to you, food and guilt have no place together.

Just saying,

Rose x

Rose White