Once every eight weeks, I offer my services for FREE to a qualifying school, pre-school, play scheme, family centre, parent craft group or family charity/community group in the Dorset and Hampshire areas.

nutrition for schools

I believe that good health is a human right and the tools and knowledge to work towards it should be made available to every one. I am happy to work with your organisation to provide an audience and/or curriculum appropriate workshop or health talk to inform parents and practitioners. Examples include:

  • Why children eat what they eat. What influences what a child eats and how this shapes their adult health and eating habits

  • How to help your child have a positive relationship with food and encourage body positivity

  • Fussy eating and neophobia, why it is a normal stage of child development and how you can support children through it

  • Understanding the nutritional needs of your child from birth to adolescence to ensure optimum physical and intellectual development

  • Meal planning, cooking on a budget, food label reading workshops and physical activity guidance throughout childhood

  • Causation, prevention and management of childhood obesity

  • Developing and maintaining weight management programmes for children and families with a particular focus on behavioural change

  • Pre and post natal nutrition, including optimising nutrition for and during breastfeeding.